About Gift Monkey


Welcome to Gift Monkey! We are Australasia's destination online store for a massive range of gifts and gift ideas for the loved ones in your life. Gift Monkey exists to bring you the best range of gifts in Australia!

We've spent hours curating a huge range of awesome gifts for every special person and occasion in your life to make your next gift discovery a breeze.



Our Gift Philosophy

Everything on Gift Monkey has been thoughtfully selected to be something we'd love to give to our friends and family. Our range of gifts are unique, creative and fun - we want each gift to bring a spark of joy to life!

We know it's hard work shopping for gifts so we've created a huge selection for you to discover the perfect present! You can shop by Recipient, Occasion and Interest... If you can't find something for everyone, let us know!



Gift Monkey and Mighty Ape

We're proud to be owned and operated by Mighty Ape, New Zealand's most popular online shopping site. With their warehouse and distribution capability we can offer you the best possible range, delivery and service in Australasia. Our gifts are stored in their 10,000m2 warehouse based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Mighty Ape are always experimenting with new systems to ensure speedy service while keeping track of our impact on the environment. A new carton closure machine sizes cartons to fit products precisely. It then folds and seals the carton with glue, reducing the need for voidfill, eliminating the need for tape and reducing the carbon footprint.



Why Gift Monkey?

Being Mighty Ape's gift store, we thought 'Gift Monkey' was the perfect name! We spend every day looking through their product catalog of almost 700,000 products to select the best gift range in Australia.

We love having fun and shopping for gifts and our aim is to make sure our customers have the best gift discovery experience. We hope you enjoy shopping for your next gift at Gift Monkey!